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Your best photos of the week, June 14, 2019

Each week, our editors choose stunning photos submitted by members of Your Shot, National Geographic's photo community.

Photography, exploration, and soccer aren’t all that different. Hear me out: They all have the power to bring us together under one common passion. Our eyes can be lost in the details of a moment frozen in time from our cameras just as they can be lost in the graceful transitions across a field. This week, with the opening games of the Women’s World Cup happening in France as the National Geographic Explorers Festival is happening here in Washington, D.C., I’m reminded of how our passions unite us across the globe and here on our Your Shot photo community. These connections were running through my mind as I curated the best photos of the week.

When I read Mikaela Gregory’s caption of her image overlooking the beautiful New Zealand landscape, I was struck by her obvious determination to make her dreams come true. I admired her connection to the world around her and her determination to experience it. By living out her dreams, Mikaela is giving back to her community by sharing her beautiful moment frozen in time with us. She’s connecting us to her journey while encouraging us to pursue our own.

Speaking of dreams come true, you won’t want to miss your opportunity at the chance to be on the cover of National Geographic Traveler magazine! Right now, the Travel team is running an assignment called Adventures of a Lifetime that asks the community to share their amazing adventures from their own travels. Through this assignment, we’re bringing exploration, passion, and photography to the forefront and offering one lucky person the chance to be published on a cover.

Your passion will always shine through while trying to accomplish your dream, whether it’s having your photo published, scoring a goal (or 13) in the World Cup, or moving to a place you’ve always wanted to live. It’s all out there for you. Keep working hard and it will happen in some way. Stay passionate—we’re rooting for you!

Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas looks at daily uploads from Your Shot, starting each day by sifting through thousands of photographs. This series is a selection of her favorites from the past week.