Join National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts on a historic journey as she documents some of the thousand slave ships that wrecked in the Atlantic Ocean during the transatlantic slave trade and follows a group of Black divers who are dedicated to finding and helping document the wrecks. A new six-part podcast series, Into the Depths, and National Geographic Magazine explore the complex history of the global slave trade and the stories of the estimated 12.5-million Africans forced to make the Middle Passage.
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Tara sets off on the journey of a lifetime, joining divers who are searching for the wrecks of ships that carried enslaved Africans. Along the way, she delves into her own roots—and challenges her assumptions about home and belonging.

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National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts has spent the past few years following a group of Black scuba divers, historians, and archaeologists as they search for and help document slave trade shipwrecks around the world.

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The March National Geographic magazine profiles Roberts’ journey as she travels with the divers to investigate the lost stories of the slave trade.

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