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National Geographic Webby Entry Category -- Social Video: Education & Discovery: NG Snapchat Quiz

In National Geographic’s first-ever hosted Snapchat series, short multiple choice quizzes provide a great, interactive opportunity to impress your friends with interesting facts. Host Angeli Gabriel presents intriguing questions that pique curiosity about everything from spiders to space!

NG Snapchat Quizzes: Déjà vu

Why do we get déjà vu?

NG Snapchat Quizzes: First Superhero

Who was the first comic book superhero?

NG Snapchat Quizzes: Armadillos

Which animal almost always gives birth to quadruplets?

NG Snapchat Quizzes : Astronaut SPF Which of the following protects astronauts from solar radiation?
NG Snapchat Quizzes: Most Popular Museum

Which city is home to the world's most visited museum?