Fire Up The Tivo

Three weeks ago, I gave a talk at Stanford University about my new book Soul Made Flesh. A wonderful crowd turned out and peppered me with excellent questions afterwards, each of which could have become new talks of their own. CSPAN was there to film it, and they’ll be broadcasting the talk this Saturday, March 20, at 9 am EST on BookTV.

You may want to check out this little RSS a commenter forwarded to me that converts the BookTV schedule to any time zone. Also, if you miss the talk, it will probably repeated on another weekend, so check back to their site.

Here’s an added incentive to watch: you don’t have to look at the nervous, quavering face of an author, interspersed only by slow pans across a silent, expressionless audience. I brought along a Powerpoint file loaded with gorgeous, bizarre seventeenth century artwork to go along with the story of the search for the soul and the dawn of neurology. Straight from my laptop to your eyes.