Oh To Be In England

This week I am in England to give some talks about Soul Made Flesh, which has just been published here. In addition to talking on the BBC, I’ll be talking at Blackwell’s in Bristol on Tuesday, and at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University on Wednesday. I’ve posted details and links to even more details on the talks page of my web site.

It’s a bit daunting coming here, the very place where much of my book is set. But the response has been kind so far. This morning the eminent historian Lisa Jardine wrote a generally good review in the Sunday Times. Meanwhile, stateside, another Brit (Adam Zeman) wrote a positive review in The New York Times Book Review.

While I’m here, I hope to have a little spare time to blog a bit on some interesting new research (and fisk the latest creationist shenanigans). If logistics get the better of me, I’ll definitely get back on track next week when I get home.