Takes One to Know One

Is Intelligent Design the same thing as creationism? The people who back Intelligent Design have spilled an awful lot of ink saying they’re different. Even self-proclaimed creationists have tried to claim a difference. Somehow, both of these camps think that any confusion between the two is evidence of the lazy arrogance of evolutionists. In fact, the evidence points towards Intellgent Design being just a bit of clever repackaging to get creationist nonsense into the classroom. (See this useful article.)

A little clarity has emerged over at the new Sarkar Lab Weblog. They’ve created a “Creationist Faculty,” described as a “list of faculty who have spoken in favor of creationism in its traditional form or as intelligent design.” They add, “Please feel free to nominate members to this Hall of Shame.”

Today they announced an addition–William Dembski, the loudest Intelligent Design advocate out there. Nominated by? Dembski.

Question asked and answered.

Update, 9/1/04: See also this article by Chris Mooney on the political similarities of the creationist and ID movements.