Blog Notes

I’m back from Pittsburgh, where the blogging-meet-science writing workshop went very well. Science writers are definitely curious, although you could hear some moans about the end of dead-tree publishing (a bit premature, in my opinion). Amy Gahran, my fellow panelist, is going to post a podcast on her blog, Contentious. I will update the post with a link when it is available.


I will be getting back to blogging about new research this week once I’ve settled back in at home. In the meantime, I’m trying to clean up the comments, which continue to be a bit buggy. I’ve also set up a commenting policy, which I’ve posted for now on the left column of the page. Spirited debate is always welcome, but spam, off-topic remarks, irrelevant self-promotion, and potential slander do not foster a healthy exchange. The vast majority of commenters (friendly and hostile alike) will not be affected by this policy. (And if you don’t like how I moderate my comments, you can complain about it on your own blog for free.)

Let the discussion continue.