Stumbling On Through the Blogosphere

Wandering around a couple weeks ago, I discovered that they are letting authors blog. It didn’t take long for me to set one up here. But once I had set it up, it occurred to me I wasn’t sure what exactly I should write for it. I then belatedly discovered this article and some blog discussion of the whole venture.

I’ve never understood how some people manage to keep a bunch of blogs going at once, although I admire the dedication to the form. For now the Amazon blog feels like a good place to post book news and maybe respond to book-related emails (unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to allow comment threads, which is one of the main points of blogging, I think). Amazon Connect definitely doesn’t feel like the sort of place to write essays about new research in evolution. But who knows what it will mutate into? Certainly not me. I had no idea what I was getting into with the Loom, so why should I pretend I have it all figured out now?

Anyway, I’d be curious to see what anyone else thinks…