An Appeal to the Loom’s Collective Hive Wisdom: Help Me Pick a Post

Fellow scienceblogger Coturnix is assembling some posts about science for an anthology. He’s been asking for people to contribute suggestions. I’ve been meaning to thumb through my old posts in order to send one over, but it’s been more of a challenge than I thought. Part of the problem is that pieces of writing are like children, and it’s no fun to break up the family. The other part of the problem is that my brain is just about reduced to goo between finishing my book and managing a couple of sick kids over the Christmas break. So let me turn to you, dear reader. Is there any post on the Loom that sticks out in your memory? Leave a comment or drop an email if you are so moved. For those who are new to the Loom, I rounded up some of my older posts when I introduced myself here at scienceblogs. Coturnix’s deadline is January 2.

Thanks for letting me pick your distributed brain.