Bringing Order to Tattoo Chaos

I’m finding that my post on science tattoos is getting troublesome now that I’ve added in so many images. Slow to load, easily bugged.

Update: Ignore the stuff below about Picaca. I’m going to Flickr. The home for the set, with comments, is here. And you can subscribe to an RSS feed of sciencetattoo tagged images here, to keep up with the collection’s additions.

So I’m experimenting with an album on Picasa. I will continue to add images to it as people send them in, and will include captions from the comments that come with them. If you click on an individual image, you get the caption with live links back to their source. Let me know if you have any tech problems on either end…

Here’s the link:

And here, I hope, is an embedded slideshow

Let’s try again, without the captions blocking the screen…

Nope. The slideshow prevents the rest of the blog from loading. Sheesh. How many billions is Google worth now?