Vote for Shelley!

The finalists for the $10,000 scholarship have been announced, and SB’s [I stand corrected, excuse the faux pas] Sb’s own Shelley of Retrospectacle is one of them! Make sure that you go over to the voting page (the contest from here on out depends on votes from readers like you) and vote for Shelley (and tell all your friends too).

Also of note are two other science bloggers in the long list of 20, The Big Room (and little things in it) and I was hoping to make the finals myself, but even though I didn’t make it I have something to shoot for next time (although I have to admit that the $10,000 would come quite in handy if I’m going to make it to the Koobi Fora field school).

Still, Shelley’s got my vote and I can’t imagine a more deserving student blooger. Now go and vote!