Happy blogiversary to me, sort of…

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Me and the cats (Chase is the white one, Charlotte is the black one), taken one year ago.

It’s October 18th, which means that I’ve been blogging about science for one year now. It all started over at ProgressiveU.org, where I started writing as a way to win a scholarship (which I did), but by the time the contest was over I decided to take my writing in a somewhat new direction on WordPress. I recently posted a somewhat longer version of the various transitional forms this blog has assumed during the past year for those interested, although I’m not quite sure that I would say today truly marks my 1st blogiversary. From my own perspective, I didn’t get serious about science writing until just a few months ago, my efforts previously being an offloading of various opinions and tidbits of information onto the web. Whatever phylogeny of this blog is most appealing to you, however, I am certainly glad that I started writing and I surely don’t intend to stop.