Justin Fruhling wants a piece of me, too

Looks like I’ve got an editorial war on my hands. Yesterday I announced that my refutation of Brad Pironciak’s “Social Darwinism” piece was printed in the college newspaper, The Daily Targum, and now I’ve received an editorial reply from English major Justin Fruhling. I don’t have time to respond in full to his comments right now (you can read his piece here), but Fruhling’s main complaint is that I didn’t take “The Darwin Awards” or falling standardized test scores into account. Entirely missing the main point of my argument (intelligence is not wholly determined by inheritance and we should not try to weed out “undesirables”), Fruhling sides with Pironciak and suggests that if someone does something stupid and dangerous, they deserve to die. I really don’t know who these students think they are, passing judgment on who is the “fittest” and who is not, but their callous attitude is disturbing.