Controversial Science & Effective Communication

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending one of the Science Communication Consortium’s (SCC) panel discussions on communicating science (moderated by blogger Kate of The Anterior Commissure), and for those who missed the last one another discussion is fast approaching. On November 15th the SCC will host Dr. Lee Silver (Princeton – Molecular Biology), Dr. Gavin Schmidt (Goddard Institute for Space Studies – Climatology), and Dr. Wendy Chung (Columbia – Clinical and Molecular Genetics) at Rockefellar University in NYC to present their ideas on effectively communicating controversial scientific issues to the public and interacting with journalists regarding regarding such topics. I have a feeling that stem cells, anthropogenic global climate change, and vaccines are going to be key examples in this discussion, and if you’re interested in attending you can find more details at the SCC page for the event.