More of My Favorite Wastes of Time

I know you read every one of the Scienceblogs. But if you still have some extra free time to kill in an interesting way, check out my updated blogroll over to the left. It’s a selection of some of the blogs I check out semi-regularly. Here are details on a few of the additions.

All in the Mind–Natasha Mitchell hosts a radio show about the brain in Australia

The End of the Pier Show–Henry Gee, Nature editor, Tolkien guru, dinosaur maven, garage band monster…the list goes on

ERV–A grad student tries to explain biology to the intelligent design crowd. Frustration and hilarity ensue.

Florida Citizens for ScienceKeep track of all the boards of education that try to get creationism into the classroom.

The Inverse Square–Tom Levenson, author, science documentary producer, MIT professor writes a great science blog illustrated with some great art

io9–The Gawker empire is one of my guilty pleasures. They’ve had a pretty ambivalent take on science (see their takes on my articles on ducks and animal personalities). But their new science-fiction blog has enough real science in it to give me hope…

Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News–The politics of biology, played out across the west