Moving Target

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I’ll be yammering this week.

First stop on the yak fest, tomorrow morning, is over in New Haven, where I’ll be running the first session of a two-part science writing workshop for science graduate students at Yale. It’s my second year at this, so I’m hoping it goes smoothly. We’re going to record it and post at least some of it on Yale’s Itunes site as a free podcast. I’ll let you know when that becomes available.

Then I head for Washington DC, where I’ll be moderating a discussion Wednesday about synthetic biology. It’s part of the Seed/Schering-Plough Science + Society Series, in which scientists bring the latest in their field to government policymakers Drew Endy from MIT will be speaking about the science, and Anne-Marie Mazza from the National Academies will talk about how public policy will need to respond to it. Seed has posted some of the videos from previous talks in this series, so I’ll let you know when those go up too.

Thursday, I’ll be in New York for the last gabfest of the week: “The Roles of Emerging Media in Communicating Science.” It’s hosted by the Science Communication Consortium, whose ranks include Kate Seip, grad student and new blogger over at Pure Pedantry. Seed is hosting the event, so if you come you should be able to catch more of the motley crew at Scienceblogs. No recording that I know of, but it’s open to the public.

And home to rest the vocal cords.