Darwin, Microbes, Whales, and Pop Parasites: More Talks!

I’ve got some more talks coming up that I want to let you know about–especially those of you around Lincoln, Nebraska or Sarasota, Florida–as well as those of you who like to go to meetings about parasites…

1. DARWIN DAY: I’ll be doing my part to celebrate, at the University of Nebraska. My talk will be this Friday. I’ll be talking about what bacteria could have taught Darwin about evolution–drawing in part from my upcoming book, Microcsom. Here’s the UNL link with details (Facebook event).

2. THE ORIGIN OF WHALES: Mote Marine Laboratory runs a great series of public lectures. On March 10 I’ll be talking about the origin of whales–and how scientists keep filling in the gaps (despite what certain creationists might claim as they lose debates with PZ Myers). Details here. (and at Facebook)

3. PARASITES IN POPULAR CULTURE: I’ll be speaking June 28 at the American Society of Parasitologists in a special symposium called, “Parasitology: Public Awareness Through Literature, Art, and Film.” (pdf flyer) I’ll be talking about the intense fascination people have about parasites, writing a book about it, and, of course, blogging about parasites. I’m also gathering examples of parasites in recent films, etc., so any tips would be appreciated. Since I’m sure not all of you will be at this meeting, I’ll do a little live-blogging to fill your need for parasite news.

More events to come, as details crystallize. You can always check my talk page or my Facebook page for the latest info.