Cousins with Tails

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Rich writes:

These are two species of primates that I had tattooed on my forearms. One is a tamarin monkey in honor of Paul Garber (who studies tamarin monkeys), the professor who started me off on the path to becoming a biological anthropologist. The other is a sifaka, my current study species. This tattoo was actually paid for by my advisor, Alison Richard (how cool is that!). Alison promised me a sifaka tattoo once I finished my dissertation. Overall, I have three tattoos, as part of a silly/dorky–but accomplished–plan I came up with my freshman year in college after I decided I wanted to be a primatologist: get one tattoo for each degree I earn. I have a DNA “armband” for my BA; the tamarin monkey is for my MA degree, and the sifaka marks my Ph.D.