Wall-E: The best movie I’ve seen in a long time

To put it mildly, this summer’s crop of films has been a disappointment. Out of the handful of films I’ve seen I leave most going “Eh, it was alright,” picking over the story I just saw to find something that made the $10 ticket price worthwhile. Not so with Wall-E. Even though there is almost no dialogue at all in the film (“Wall-e,” “Eve,” and “Directive” are the most commonly used words) it is one of the best pieces of cinema I think I have ever seen. I laughed more than at any recent comedy and at certain points I almost teared up; as I am concerned Wall-E is the best movie I’ve seen in theaters this year.

The film is laced with plenty of social commentary as well, the “small story” of the main characters being directly tied to a much bigger, extremely relevant plotline. I don’t want to give too much away, but by the time I left the theater I felt good, like what I do can (and will) make a difference beyond my own “small story.” It’s a rare film that can be so personally touching, but I wouldn’t think that a story about two star-crossed robots and humanity’s pudgy fate would be anything but extraordinary.