Blood, guts, and science?

Oh dear. I guess the History Channel decided that the U.S. needed an equivalent to “The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs” and will soon be featuring a show called “Jurassic Fight Club.” Here’s the synopsis;

They were the ultimate fighters — prehistoric beasts who walked the earth millions of years ago. With cunning and strategy, they hunted their prey — transforming the prehistoric world into a battlefield. Today, archaeologists are uncovering these battlefields — and are gaining startling new insight into how quick thinking, maneuverability, and striking at the exact moment separated the weak from the strong. Blow by blow, each episode will dissect these battles, uncovering a predatory world far more calculated and complex than we originally thought. Episodes of Jurassic Fight Club will include Gang Killers, T-Rex Hunters, Deep-Sea Dinosaurs, and Armored Predators. Dolores Gavin is The History Channel Executive Producer. (10 episodes).

[Note; From what I understand this is the old synopsis. I have not seen the new one yet but some corrections have been made. I won’t get to see the series when it comes out but hopefully I’ll be able to catch it eventually. Just so long as it’s better than the dismal “Quest for Dragons” program I saw on the History Channel a few weeks ago while petsitting for a friend.]

If archaeologists are digging up non-avian dinosaurs, we’ve got a problem. Some of the episode titles (“Deep-Sea Dinosaurs”?!) don’t inspire much hope in me either, although it sounds like there will be at least a smattering of science amongst the blood and gore. Given the History Channel’s track record for inaccurate and sensational programming I don’t have high hopes for this one, although I have to admit that dinosaurs look far better than the clunky ones that recently turned up on the National Geographic Channel.

[Update; Here’s another trailer.]

[Hat-tip to Thomas Holtz]