Microcosm on TV

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A couple weeks ago I spoke to a great crowd as part of the Zocalo lecture series in Los Angeles. The subject was my new book, Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life.  You can listen to the podcast here, [whoops–go to this page and look for my mug.) and the talk will be airing several times starting today on LA City Channel 36. I think that you will also be able to watch it on their web site live. Here is the schedule (all times PST):

7/15/08  Tue             2:00 pm

7/15/08  Tue             9:00 pm

7/16/08  Wed           12:00 pm

7/16/08  Wed           11:00 pm

7/17/08  Thu             9:00 pm

7/20/08  Sun            11:00 am

7/20/08  Sun             7:00 pm

Zocalo will also archive the video on their site; I’ll post a link when I get one.