Prehistoric Nom Club

Ok, maybe the name isn’t as catchy as Jurassic Fight Club but that’s what it’s all about; ancient critters ripping the guts out of other ancient critters and how we know they did it. I’ll have a review of the first episode, featuring Majungasaurus, up next week, but in the meantime the History Channel has released a slew of videos and other materials to look over prior to the premiere (including a game that I’m sure will remind a few of you of Primal Rage).

The show itself features a number of experts but the main host is “Dinosaur George” Blasing, and while I’m not on board with all of his ideas the episode I watched was much better than I was anticipating. Here are a few preview videos of what to expect in the inaugural season of the show;

[Maybe I can’t see whatever “fuzz” might be on the Deinonychus in the clip, but naked dromeosaurs really irk me. There’s no reason for there to be naked raptors anymore.]

[Yup, Nanotyrannus shows up in this series, and I would imagine that Peter Larson will appear quite a bit in the episode in which it’s featured. I expect that “Jane” will be mentioned a bit, too, although the case that Nanotyrannus is a valid genus has yet to be sufficiently supported.]

There are plenty more snippets and behind-the-scenes clips to watch, and I do wish that I could watch the whole series as each episode came out (I’ll just have to wait for the DVDs). I’m sure the show will stir a lot of discussion and in some cases some consternation, but it is a return to a documentary format that I had feared had gone extinct.