In lieu of a rant…

… a ring-tailed lemur;

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I found Chris Mooney’s latest piece about Sizzle so aggravatingly condescending that I was set to pen a lengthy, ill-temptered response. I thought better of it, especially since it is clear that any negative comments or criticisms about the film will be ignored. (Instead you’re just getting a shorter ill-tempered one and a photo.)

Apparently anyone who didn’t like the film is a boring, humorless soul who can only find joy in endless streams of scientific data. The notion is absurd, but that’s what’s coming from the Sizzle soapbox, Randy Olson telling audiences that those of us who didn’t like the film “just don’t get it.” I find this extremely insulting, especially since this is the message the Sizzle crew is bringing to public audiences who are seeing the first screenings. If I had known that honest criticisms of the film would be rolled into how scientists are a bunch of inept dweebs then I wouldn’t have reviewed it in the first place.