What are you doing on August 9th?

Last year I missed the super-secret ScienceBlogger seance; by the time I found out that some of my favorite bloggers were in the city I already had other plans. Little did I know that just a few months later I’d get assigned my own personal brain slug and be assimilated into the ScienceBorg so I don’t have to worry about missing it this year, but since so many of the Sb horde will converge on NYC we wanted to schedule something special for anyone who might want to meet us.

I’m a little fish in the blogging pond compared to some of the folks who will be there but if you stop by on Saturday, August 9th at least you will get to hang out in the air conditioning and walk away with from cool swag. I just need one thing from anyone who is interested in coming; just leave a comment on this post so my fearless leaders at SEED will know how many people to expect.

[Being that I’m just a short train ride away from the city I’m open to the idea of meeting readers some other time if people can’t make it on the 9th. The only disadvantage is that you just get to meet me and not my esteemed colleagues, and the only swag I’d be able to offer would probably be a piece of gum.]