No Sock-Puppets, Creationist or Otherwise

I’ve got a pretty lax attitude towards comments. Creationists are free to add theirs. But there are limits.

In response to a post on evolution Friday, the first comment I got a very long announcement about “A PARAGON OF SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT!” [sic]–a book that proved evolution was wrong. It came from someone named C. David Parsons.

Others responded.

Jeered might be the right word.

One commenter, named Paul Burnett, called Parsons sad.

And then someone named Steve Larimore attacked Burnett. “I’ll bet he’s never read the book. If he had, he would crawl back into the hole from whence he wonders out at night to do his evil deeds.”

A quick check of IP addresses revealed Larimore and Burnett Parsons share the same computer. Probably the same brain, I’d wager. In any case, that’s a bannable offense around here.

[Update–Sorry, Paul, for the typo]