Holidays, kangaroos and rerun season

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Soooo… I have good news, bad news and good news.

The good news (well for me anyway) is that as of Friday I will be away for month of blissful holiday. If you listen closely, you will probably hear the sound of me exhaling loudly and cheering even more loudly as my wife and I head off to Australia for four weeks of wildlife, snorkelling, vineyards, really big rocks, and even a wedding in the middle.

The bad news, therefore, is that as of Friday, I will be unable to blog about new science for a month, as I give my precious, weary metacarpals a chance to rest. I may get dragged into action if something really amazing turns up but I’m not counting on it. This also means that I won’t really be able to respond to comments as much as I’d like although I will periodically have email access.

The good news is that I may be on holiday but the site isn’t going into hibernation. I have set up posts from the Classic site to go up on a daily basis, so regular readers can still get your Not Exactly Rocket Science fix. Hopefully you’ll agree that a month of nano-swords, spear-wielding chimps, robot salamanders, biplane dinos, drug-resistant plague, virgin dragons, and culture-driving parasites are a suitable compensation for the lack of new stuff.