Attention, Philadelphia: We're Invading Your Brain

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If you’d like to learn about some of the latest discoveries about the brain and find out where neuroscience is headed, please join me at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on Wednesday. I’ll be moderating a panel discussion packed with prominent neuroscientists. Here are the details:

The Franklin Institute, Discover Magazine and the National Science Foundation present a fascinating neuroscience symposium.

“Unlocking the Secrets and Powers of the Brain.”
Date: November 19
Time: 7:00pm
Event location: Franklin Theater
Admission: Free with advanced registration, please call 215.448.1254

Moderated by award-winning journalist Carl Zimmer, the discussion features Dan Levitin (best-selling author of This is Your Brain On Music), Michael Gazzaniga (Director for the SAGE Center for the Study of Mind at UC Santa Barbara), Rebecca Saxe (Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT), Sam Wang (Welcome to Your Brain) and Ron Mangun (Interim Dean of Social Sciences, a Professor of Psychology and Neurology, and the Director of the Center for Mind and Brain at the UC Davis). A book signing will follow.