In which I succumb to peer pressure and join Twitter

Against by better judgment, I’ve started using Twitter. It may be fun. Alternatively, it may be a massive event horizon that swallows my time. Probably both.

If anyone wants to follow me:

Some initial thoughts:

  • Twitter, unlike Facebook, MySpace et al, doesn’t use the word “friend” in the much looser internet sense of the word. That can only be a good thing.
  • Instead, of “friends”, Twitter allows you to amass “followers”. Don’t think I haven’t succumbed to noticed your feeble play to stroke my ego, Twitter.
  • It’s really, really moreish. Like crack. Not that I take crack. I don’t. Is this thing on? 
  • It’s a bit more conversational than Facebook, or even email.
  • “Tweeting” sounds really effete. Why couldn’t they have called it Roarer, or Shouter, or perhaps Belcher?
  • I’m greatly appreciating the chance to read the innermost thoughts of Neil Gaiman, Charlie Brooker, Stephen Fry and Warren Ellis. Especially Ellis – it’s like watching a deranged drunk genius from behind a one-way mirror.
  • If I continue to use Twitter consistently enough, I wonder if I will start limiting every single last one of my thoughts to just 140 char…

Update: If anyone saw this post in the first 9 minutes it was up for, you might have realised that I got the URL wrong. If you decided to follow the other Ed Yong, I’m sure he’s very happy about it…