400 posts! Many more to come…

As of yesterday, I have written 400 proper articles for this blog.

Woo, and I might add, hoo.

That’s excluding random announcements, navel-gazing, chatter or the odd journalistic take-down. Four hundred summaries, each covering one or more new pieces of research. Each one probably represents about 2.5 hours of work, and it’s taken about 2.5 years to accumulate all of them. But it’s been worth it, for me certainly and I hope for people reading too.

If you’re new to Not Exactly Rocket Science, you can find the entire back catalogue in “The Full Works“.  Or if you want a taster, have a look at my top picks from 2008, or the recent Darwin celebration series.

The other thing I realised, was that it took 18 months to write the first 200 posts and just 12 to write the next 200. So I’m speeding up. See you soon for the 500th anniversary post.

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