The Island of Science Writing

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Over the past two summers I’ve paid visits to the lovely Isles of Shoals to speak to students and scientists at the Shoals Marine Lab. (I wrote a post about my 2007 trip here, and last summer’s journey here.) This year I’ll be trying something new: I’m teaching a week-long college-credit course on science writing. It will run from August 10 to 17, and, like all classes at Shoals, it will be intense. We’ll read a lot, write a lot more, and take advantage of the unique environment of Appledore Island, where you should never be surprised to encounter an underwater archaeologist, an ornithologist banding migratory birds, or a vet dissecting a seal on a picnic table.

The Lab will be taking registrations for the next few weeks. By the way, here’s the whole course list for the summer, including a class on the history of oceans that will start at Cornell and move through time and space to Appledore.