What is on your summer science reading list?

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There is no time like the summer to make a dent in my reading list. I am by no means a speed reader, but during this time of the year I can usually get through the average trade book in about 2-3 days. This year is a little different, though. I am digging deep in my research for my book about transitional fossils (now tentatively called Written in Stone), so this is not the time to get too distracted by titles unrelated to my work.

Still, it is good to take a step back and read works that I enjoy every now and then, no matter how unrelated to my work they might be. I’m working up a list of books to recharge my love for pop-sci writing after slogging through page after page of technical descriptions, but since this is a Friday (i.e. a slow blogging/traffic day), I wanted to ask what science books you plan on reading this summer. Whether they are new titles, classics, or personal favorites, please post your picks in the comments.