Congratulations Are In Order

Congratulations are in order to the writers who are now finalists for the Royal Society Science Book Prize:

What the nose knows: The science of scent in everyday life by Avery Gilbert

Bad science by Ben Goldacre

The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science by Richard Holmes

Decoding the heavens: Solving the mystery of the world’s first computer by Jo Marchant

The drunkard’s walk: How randomness rules our lives by Leonard Mlodinow

Your inner fish: The amazing discovery of our 375-million-year-old ancestor by Neil Shubin

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Three Quarks Daily has established a prize for the best science blog post, judged by linguist Steven Pinker. Congratulations to the winners, including Discover’s own Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait.