Let the Stars and the Ink Guide You Home [Science Tattoos]

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Marc Morency, Quartermaster 1st class, USN, writes: “While I am by no means a scientist, I have been fortunate enough to be paid by the government to get ships from pt. A to pt. B serving in the US Navy as a Quartermaster.  I was drawn to the navigation when I joined.  In my opinion, it is the only job in the military that is both a science and an art  Celestial navigation has been something I have become profoundly interested in since I joined ten years ago.  In this age of GPS, it is, in my opinion  more important now than ever for Navigators to remain proficient in the old ways to fix a ship’s position using a sextant and trigonometry.  My tattoo is the visual depiction of how to plot a line of position from a celestial body using the altitude intercept method, a method which has been time tested for more than a century.  For me it serves as a reminder that while technology improves, the sea remains an unpredictable place and it is up to the older generation to teach the younger the old school ways of doing business.”