Bigfoot meets the yeren

In my review of Joshua Blu Buhs’ new book Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend I wrote;

As with many legendary creatures, advocates Bigfoot’s existence often claim that the creature has been known for hundreds or even thousands of years. How could so many cultures in so many parts of the world have stories about “wild men of the woods” if none actually existed? An entire volume could be devoted to this question alone (for starters, see the chapters on “yeren” in The People’s Peking Man) …

Given that both books (Bigfoot and The People’s Peking Man) were published by the University of Chicago Press it was only natural for the publisher to bring both authors together for a conversation about “wild men” across cultures. The first installment of the dialog can be seen on The Chicago Blog, with two more parts coming today and tomorrow. Check it out!