All Creatures Great And Small, Hosts and Parasites [Science Tattoos]

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Marcus, a parasitologist in Brazil, writes:

I am sending the two scientific tattoos that I have:

1. It is an undescribed species of freshwater stingray from the Family Potamotrygonidae (Potamotrygon sp.n.) that has being described by Dr. Marcelo Rodrigues Carvalho from Universidade de São Paulo.

2. An ectoparasite from needlefish (Belonidae) that I am redescribing. The parasite, Nudaciraxine gracilis belongs to the Class Monogenoidea (Platyhelminthes). This parasite group is characterized by having  anchors, clamps, and hooks at the end of the body (named as haptor) used to attached to the host gills.

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