Tales From Deep Time, coming soon

After a number of false starts, I have finally started work on a “best of Laelaps” anthology. I am going to call it Tales From Deep Time, and it is going to be a sort of “b-sides” compilation that will complement my other, professional book-in-progress about paleontology and evolution. This blog has thrived on material I wanted to include in the other book but had to leave on the cutting room floor, and I look forward to presenting these miscellaneous tidbits in a more professional manner.

I am doing more than just cutting and pasting blog entries, though. Right now I am in the process of editing (and in some cases re-writing) about 50 posts I have selected for inclusion in the anthology. The book will also contain new illustrations and several new original essays. As such Tales From Deep Time is not going to simply be a repackaging of old material. It is an attempt to realize the potential of some of the pieces I have posted here during the last two years.

As it presently stands, the plan is to release this collection via Lulu.com. Doing so should make it widely available and will eventually allow it to become available at Amazon.com and other outlets. I am hoping to have it available before Christmas.

If you are already a fan of this blog I think you will really love what I am putting together.