To Cap Off A Multimedia Week, How About A Podcast?

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Uff da–quite a week!

Monday brought Radio Lab’s great take on parasites, which I was thrilled to be a part of.

Tuesday was newspaper day, with a story in the New York Times on the evolution of flowers.

Thursday it was the sexual brain, the subject of my latest column in Discover complete with a safe-for-work video.

Friday brought the new issue of Time to the newsstands, with an article of mine on the minds of dogs.

Now at the close of the week, let me lure you into a different dimension of the media: podcasting.

The American Society of Microbiology has asked me to take over a biweekly podcast of theirs called “Meet the Scientist.” In each episode I’ll be talking with one of the many scientists who explore biology’s vast invisible world.  For my first podcast, I spoke to Michael Cunliffe, one of the scientists I wrote about recently who studies the ocean’s skin of jelly.

I’m still getting my bearings in the podcast universe, so feel free to dispense free advice. I’m looking forward to talking to many more scientists who study infectious diseases, synthetic biology, microbial evolution, and much more.

And now, off to New York for an old-fashioned talk. With Powerpoint.