Hi folks,

A couple of housekeeping issues:

  • ScienceBlogs have developed a set of funky widgets that allow you to share the headlines from your favourite blogs on other websites. You can find the one for Not Exactly Rocket Science here – just click Share, and then Install outside Netvibes.
  • The deadline is looming for this year’s Open Laboratory compilation of the science blogosphere’s best offerings. If any posts in this blog have tickled your fancy, stretched your brain or stoked your loins (heaven forbid, but there are some strange people on the internet), submit them for consideration here. For full disclosure purposes, I am helping to judge this year’s competition, but I will obviously not be judging my own work except in a non-competition, self-critical, tortured-soul, writery sort of way.
  • Recently, due to overwhelming demand (n=2), I’ve changed the way that posts appear so that the full shebang appears above the fold rather than teasing readers and making you click for the payoff. It makes the front page a bit messier, but I’m told this is easier for people reading on phones. There hasn’t been a noticeable drop in traffic. Is everyone happy with this change, are you for some reason against it, or have you actually failed to notice any difference whatsoever?