A Bird’s Eye View of Written in Stone

For months now I have been hammering away at individual chapters of my first book, Written in Stone, but this weekend I finally put all the individual parts together into one document. I still have a lot of editing to do, but it still feels good to move past the stage of large-scale construction and get down to fine tuning.

With the greater body of work properly arranged I could hardly resist creating a Wordle cloud for the book. For those unfamiliar with Wordle, it is an online program that will scan through a body of text and pick out the most frequently used words and display them in a multicolored jumble. They are fun to make, but I also find them to be useful. If I have employed particular words too much, “however” being the one I am most prone to overuse, they will probably show up in the word cloud and I can be more mindful of my word use.

So here it is, a bird’s eye view of Written in Stone by way of the 250 most-used terms in the book as it is today (click through for the full-sized image);