The Bronx Zoo Welcomes New Bear Cubs

The WCS-run Bronx Zoo welcomed four new additions this week; a trio of brown bear cubs from Alaska and an adolescent bear from Montana. All were rescued after their mothers had been killed for becoming too habituated to humans. According to the Bronx Zoo press release:

The three brown bear cubs are siblings, born in early 2009 on Baranof Island in southeastern Alaska. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game rescued the orphaned trio and temporarily transferred them to Fortress of the Bear, an education and rescue center in Sitka, Alaska. The young grizzly bear, a male from Glacier National Park in Montana, was originally rescued by park rangers and kept for a few days at Washington State University’s Bear Center.

What has not been made clear, however, is what has become of the adult grizzly bears that previously lived in the same enclosure. Are they still at the Bronx Zoo, have they been moved somewhere else, or has something else happened? I have asked the Bronx Zoo about them and will follow-up here when I receive a reply.