[It’s probable that only British readers will understand the joke in the headline. Everyone else: just pretend it’s an uproariously funny pop-culture reference and we can move on.]

This morning, the Times published a list of its 30 best science blogs and I’m incredibly honoured to be on it. Twice. Once for Not Exactly Rocket Science, and again for my efforts at Cancer Research UK’s Science Update blog.

A bit of background – the Times recently launched a monthly science supplement called Eureka and every issue, one of its writers selects their favourite science blogs. This list is a compilation of the past however many selections.

And what a list – I’m doubly proud to be listed among some of my favourites, including such illustrious bloggers as Carl Zimmer, Vaughan Bell, David Dobbs, Bora Zivkovic, Brian Switek, SciCurious, Martin Robbins, Dan MacArthur, Revere, Gimpy, Jack of Kent, Chris Mooney, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Frank Swain and Orac.

This is also a good opportunity to give Mark Henderson, the Times’s Science Editor, a hearty round of applause for his work in getting Eureka off the ground. In a climate where specialist science journalism is allegedly imploding, the fact that a major national newspaper has increased its science output is very heartening indeed. Mark also just gets the value of blogs and online reporting – hence the monthly shout-outs. So, cheers. Long may Eureka continue.

Finally, the Times wants to compile a definitive Top 100 list, so there’s all to play for in the remaining 70 spots. Feel free to email your favourite blogs to them at eureka@thetimes.co.uk, with “Best blogs” in the subject line. Check out the blogroll on the left for some inspiration.