The Companion Molecule [Science Tattoos]

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Scicurious, a blogger at Neurotopia with a PhD in physiology, writes,

The molecule is caffeine, and the tattoo itself was designed by artist Glendon Mellow of The Flying Trilobite.  I got it to celebrate my PhD.

Why caffeine, you ask?

1) I had a friend once tell me that my friendship was like a hot cup of coffee.  Warm, vivacious, stimulating, and comforting.  It was one of the best compliments I ever received.

2) I have spent the last six years of my life studying drugs in various forms.  Caffeine always spoke to me as a stimulant, because it is so different from other traditional drugs classified as stimulants.  I’ve always been a little different myself.

3) I also spent the past six years studying various neurotransmitters.  I will spend more years studying different neurotransmitters.  Which ones I study and why will change over time, but caffeine will be with me through all of it.  🙂