Pleased to meet you

“Worker Bee” by Motion City Soundtrack

I have been writing here at for about two years and nine months now. Some of you have been reading my posts since I started here (thank you for sticking with me!), but readers come and go over time, and so I am jumping on board with the “Who are you?” meme recently restarted by DrugMonkey, Pal, Janet, Bora, and Jason.

Everyone is asking different questions of their readers – some more detailed ones than others – but I think I’ll keep it relatively simple: who are you (feel free to comment anonymously or under a pseud, and be as specific [or not] as you prefer), what do you like about this blog, and is there anything you would like to see here in the future? I admit, straight-up asking for positive feedback might seem a little self-serving, but I am hoping that by doing so I can foster the community of regular readers here and further improve my writing. (Even if you don’t want to comment here, please send me an e-mail.) As Pal noted in his own post on this, “As bloggers we can get an idea of how many people are reading us, but not that much else”, so getting some good feedback from readers can be both helpful and encouraging.