The return of the “Who are you?” thread

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Around two years ago, I started a thread asking readers to identify themselves, say something about their background, and tell me a bit about why they were reading this blog. That thread was resurrected last year and has since acquired more than 200 comments. They’re some of my favourite comment threads – it’s incredibly motivating to see what a diverse range of people I’m writing for.

So let’s do it again. In the comments below, tell me who you are, what your background is and what you do. What’s your interest in science and your involvement with it? How did you come to this blog, how long have you been reading, what do you think about it, and how could it be improved?

But really, these questions are a rough guide. I’m working on the basis that what you have to say will be far more interesting than what I think you might say.

So say as little or as much as you like, but do say something, even if you’ve never commented before and even if you commented on the last “Who are you?” thread.

(PS – Thanks to Drugmonkey for restarting this meme. He’s got a fuller list of everyone else’s threads too)