I’ve got your missing links right here (25th September 2010)

“And then that just led to this very weird erotism moment when people were practically hugging each other while eating these live insects.” A fascinating NYT piece on eating insects, which John Rennie expands upon. Read the water-bug bit in particular. “Tt posed a problem that none of the other edible insects that night did: I would have to eat it in at least two bites.”

British science still threatens to die the death of a thousand cuts. Tom Chivers sums things up in the Telegraph and Ben Goldacre has a spot-on analysis of why this brain drain could be much worse than any before.

A Nobel prize-winner Linda Buck has retracted two studies. The circumstances are fascinating and you should read Ivan Oransky’s post for the full story. But special mention should go to the New York Times for showing us how responsible journalism should be done. Look at this headline: Nobel Laureate Retracts Two Papers Unrelated to Her Prize. Brilliant. The first five words raise an obvious question that are then answered by the last four words.

People rarely have any idea of how funding decisions are made. This superb piece from Nature News should help – it’s a first-hand account of a funding meeting at the American Cancer Society.

Kosmoceratops and Utahceratops – two cool new horned dinosaurs. And you’ve gotta love the Guardian’s headline.

Headline of the week. How to get rid of invasive tree snakes: bomb them with parachuted, poisonous mice.

Maryn McKenna on Invader Vim: another bad new resistance factor and another city stigmatized!

Criminal science was not always CSI-style teamwork – Deborah Blum on the early days of forensic science

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