Announcements, Announcements, cont'd: Me and Misha Considering His Genome

Misha Angrist has written an excellent book that you might just want to buy for its title alone: Here Is A Human Being. In this case, the being is Misha. He was one of the first people to have his genome sequenced, and he’s chronicled the experience in this book.

Here’s the endorsement I sent to Misha’s publisher back in the spring:

Our genomes pose a paradox. They are at once profoundly intimate and remotely abstract. Misha Angrist blasts the paradox apart with Here Is A Human Being. He bravely explores what it really means for him to be able to gaze at his own genome, not by simply considering the nature of his particular gene variants, but also probing the many ways that genomics is going to influence society as a whole. A fascinating, unique book.

The book is coming out at the start of November. To celebrate the occasion, Misha and I will “be in conversation,” as they say, at Labyrinth Books in New Haven on Saturday, November 6, at 6 pm. Come join us!