The Loom's Top Ten of 2010

Happy New Year to one and all. 2010 has been a busy one here, full of tattoos, duck privates, and cannibal Neanderthals. Here are the top posts of the year at the Loom…[P.S.–These are top posts as measured by readership]

1. Kinkiness Beyond Kinky (Why Darwin would have loved the extreme genitals of ducks)

2. Simply Impossible (An uncanny illusion)

3. The X-Woman’s Fingerbone (The Denisovans–the first shoe. Here’s the second)

4. Oh Pepsi, What Hath Thou Wrought? (A science blogging trainwreck that led to the birth of several new blog networks)

5. Linux vs E. coli (Networks in computers and cells)

6. Dawn of the Picasso Fish (A fossil fills in the evolution of flounders)

7. I For One Welcome Our Microbial Overlords (How the microbiome may control our behavior)

8. Skullcaps and Genomes (The Neanderthal genome turns up in the most unexpected places. Like in Craig Venter)

9. Feathers That Sing (Another example of sexual selections’ creative powers)

10. Of Arsenic and Aliens (which is then followed by this)