Tracks and Traces 01.29.11

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Kate Clancy has an ace post on ‘The Dilemma of Women in Science and Blogging‘ over at Neuron Culture. A must-read.

Sometimes the best reviews are the shortest ones – presents a three-letter review of the new documentary Flying Monsters 3D

Willo the dinosaur loses heart

Want to know more about “The Thrilling Whale Threesome”? Scicurious has you covered

The title says it all: “Hutton’s Unconformicake

I love bone-crushing carnivorans. Paleontologist Jack Tseng talks about their evolutionary history in this video lecture

NPR’s Robert Krulwich riffs on my ‘Giant Killer Storks’ post. I love the accompanying illustrations!

Scientific American re-runs a 1911 article on rats and plague

Time for a change in science journalism?“, John Rennie asks. “Hell yes!”, says I.

Evolution in action: island-isolated clouded leopard populations are genetically distinct

Why are big bears always portrayed as being angry? Arcototherium, “O megaurso dos Pampas

In National Geographic, Carl Zimmer has a great new feature on the evolution of feathers (and feather-like structures). See also: National Geographic TV’s “Dinomorphosis” gallery

Top Image: The dinosaur track type Brontozoum giganteum, from Edward Hitchcock’s Ichnology of New England.