Tracks and Traces 02.28.11

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Wise words from Carl Zimmer on the importance of picking a narrative when communicating science, and an insightful post by Anne Jefferson on what scientists and journalists can learn from each other

On Skeptically Speaking, Scicurious and John Logsdon talk the science of semen

A lake monster, or just a bunch of rubber tubes? Tetrapod Zoology takes down the recent ‘Bownessie’ sighting

A great post by Kate Clancy, “Why I’m an Activist Scientist for Women’s Health

Ed Yong introduces us to Diania, the walking cactus of the Cambrian

Putative “oldest known” bacteria fossils turn out to be iron stains

Cheap as free? Jenny Rohn wonders about the reluctance to pay for good writing

The Open Notebook interviews Hillary Rosner about her award-winning story on the endangered razorback sucker

Are you sure that’s a sandfish skink? It looks like a Graboid to me.

Myrmecos skewers intelligent design nonsense about ant pathways

The Smithsonian’s Triceratops ‘Uncle Beazley’ gets scheduled for a facelift

Wondering how the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry Visitor’s Center is coming along? Check out this detailed, well-researched blog by the national monument’s paleontologist, Dan Chure

Top image from Edward Hitchcock’s Ichnology of New England.