Springtime Yammerings

I’ll be giving public talks fairly regularly for the next few months, partly due to the publication of A Planet of Viruses. Here’s an updated list of my talks. (If you’d like me to give a lecture or appear on a radio show, please get in touch.)

March 31, 7 pm EST: Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour. This is a web-based television show normally hosted by Kiki Sanford. Kiki’s on maternity leave, so I’ll be chatting for an hour with guest host Brian Malow.

April 5, 7 pm, New Haven CT: The Ordinary Evening Reading Series. Come to the dive bar extraordinaire, The Anchor, to hear me talk about viruses, and Annie Murphy Paul talk about her book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives, in which she explores  how life in utero shapes life ex utero.

April 7, 4 pm, Philadelphia: University of Pennsyvlania Center for Neuroscience and Society: “Soul Made Flesh: The Origin of Our Brain-Centered World”

April 9, 10:45 am, New York, Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism My talk will be on a suitably skeptical note: “Viruses: Believable Myths and Unbelievable Reality”

April 13, 5:30 pm. Manchester CT: Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers. “Synthetic Biology: Playing God or Harnessing Nature?”

April 15, 12:15 pm, Plattsburgh, NY: “Parasite Rex” Room 206, Yokum Hall, SUNY Plattsburgh.

May 3, Cambridge MA: Cambridge Science Festival (more details to come)

May 12, 7:30 pm PST, Fresno, CA: California State University

May 15, 11 am PST, Los Angeles, Feed Your Brain; and  4:30 pm PST, Costa Mesa CA: Center for Inquiry

June 2-3, New York: World Science Festival (more details to come)

June 7, San Francisco, The Long Now Foundation, “Viral Time”